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Can I grade on courses other than those included on the grading table?

Not at present.
We plan to run the grading system for a 2nd year in its current form and the IHAA committee will discuss it at the end of 2014. We hope that after 48 months of using the grades (having added the S4 grade about 6 months in after requests for a higher standard, Korean only, grade) we will have a better appreciation of which aspects of it work well and are true to the original aims, and what could be improved upon. At this time there may be submissions for changes to the system which will be considered and voted on by the national representatives.

Why must I do both Korean and Hungarian style for the HA grades?

Not only are the Korean and Hungarian styles the most common throughout the world in terms of being practised by individuals (either one style or both) but they form the basis of the majority of major competitions too. They require mastery of different skills and therefore we felt that, to truly be recognised as a horsearcher, you ought to display competence in both.

  • Korean
    • Requires that you can use a quiver / belt draw
    • To reach the higher grades it is necessary to be able to shoot at faster speeds - so you must retrieve and nock your arrows quickly from quiver, and shoot accurately despite travelling faster.
  • Hungarian
    • Arrows can be held in the hand or a quiver, but to score very highly then mastery of holding several arrows in the hand and nocking quickly must be achieved.
    • Accuracy when shooting long distances is important (up to 47m) and the ability to judge a changing distance to the targets (between 9m and 47m)
    • Shooting at variable and sometimes extreme angles both forwards and backwards.

How can I get grading badges?

  • If you run a national association and wish to start running the IHAA grading system and issuing badges then please get in touch with us.
    We will only recognise one issuing association per country.
  • If you are an individual:
    • Does your national body run the grading scheme?
      Is so please contact them. They may or may not require you to be a member in order to grade, this varies between countries.
    • If your country doesn't run the grading scheme please contact your nearest country who does.
      Hopefully they will be able to help you.

At the moment the IHAA grading scheme is run by: 

  • Europe: UK (BHAA), the Netherlands (Horseback Archers of Holland)
  • Americas: USA (MA3)
  • Africa: South Africa (SAHAA)
  • Australasia: Australia (AHAA)

What do I need to include in a submission for a new course?:

  • rules
  • course diagram
  • scoresheet pdf / explanation of scoring
  • background - ie origin of course and/or name of applicant (these may be the same or different)
  • What advantages are there to your course, ie. required accurate long range shooting, requires fast nocking from a quiver, requires offside shooting, riding without using a roped off track
  • a brief health and safety assessment, ie. where are other competitors/spectators relative to arrow trajectory, where will missed arrows fall and is there a risk of them being ridden over

For courses to be considered for inclusion in the courses database we need: We can help you put together a course diagram, scoring spreadsheet and scoring calculator if you don't have the means to do them yourself.
In submitting the course, we assume your permission to publish it within the course database on the IHAA website.

When will new courses by published on the website?

There will be 2 submission deadlines a year (the next one is specified on the main page for the course database).
Courses can be submitted inbetween times but this is when the courses will be considered by the committee of national representatives.
If there are any concerns about your course we will discuss this with you (the most likely cause of this would be safety concerns).
When all the courses of that submission deadline have been prepared they will be published together on the website.

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