World Championships

This biennial competition is the largest and most prestigeous in the IHAA calendar.
Individual titles and team honours are contested in the Horseback Archery Eventing discipline (of Tower, Raid and Hunt track events).

World Championships in Horseback Archery Eventing, 2018

The first IHAA World Championships was held in Hungary in July 2018.

Billed as HAOWC, the Horseback Archery Open World Championships, we welcomed competitors from member nations and from non-member countries too.
Over 100 competitors from 16 countries took part making this the largest horseback archery championships ever held in modern times.

During three days of competition all three of the HBAE events took place concurrently across the Nemethy Academy’s large venue in Pomaz.
A spectacular finals day for the top 10 seniors and top 10 juniors drew large crowds and media interest.

Organisers: Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy

Results summary:

  • World Championship:
    • 1st: Levente Maucha (Izmos, Zengő)
    • 2nd: Christoph Nemethy (Al Johara)
    • 3rd: Maxime Coca (Tango la Beigne)
  • Junior World Championship:
    • 1st: Agnes Maucha (Al Johara)
    • 2nd: Marcus Hjortberg (Kicsi)
    • 3rd: Martin Imbert (Valasco)
  • Senior Team Results:
    • (1st) Hungary
    • (2nd) France
    • (3rd) Poland
  • Junior Team Results:
    • (1st) France
    • (2nd) Poland
    • (3rd) Sweden

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