International Horseback Archery Alliance

The IHAA was established in late 2013.

IHAA Purpose and Statutes

The International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) has the following objectives:

  • To promote the sport of horseback archery internationally both through being the international federation for horseback archery and via the broader support of the horseback archery community
  • To promote the highest standards of horsemanship and safety within horseback archery
  • To bring together the organisations who are in charge in their countries of the organization of horseback archery, referred to in these Statutes as Member Associations (MAs) on an international level
  • To use all means to facilitate relations and understanding between the different Member Associations; to give them support, help and encouragement; to strengthen their authority and prestige
  • To co-ordinate and harmonise activities and rules between the Member Associations
  • To organise, regulate, develop and promote international horseback archery meetings and competitions, and support the training and qualification of judges
  • To organise and promote the IHAA Grading System
  • To organise and promote IHAA postal matches
  • To draw national and international authorities' attention to any issue and regulation directly or indirectly concerning horseback archery
  • To take an interest, on an international level, in all horse- or archery related issues relative to horseback archery, as well as any question which could be directly or indirectly linked with one of the above mentioned subjects, or any other similar or related subject

IHAA Governance

The officers of the IHAA run the Alliance on a day to day basis.
They have been voted in by the committee of national representatives.

  • The current officers, who will serve till Feb 2022, are:
    • President: Alan Le Gall (Fra)
    • Vice president: Claire Sawyer (UK)
    • Secretary: Jennifer Lynn Larsen (USA)
    • Treasurer: Anders O Jönsson (Swe)
  • The IHAA Board is comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and the following reps:
    • Katrina Kruse (Aus)
    • Greg Ogburn (USA)
    • Andrew Ó Donnghaile (Ire)
    • Wojtek Osiecki (Pol)
    • Christoph Nemethy (Hun)
    • Emrah Koc (Tur)
    • Shalihin Ahmaddullah (Sgp)
  • Arno Hendricks (NL) runs the postal matches and Greg Ogburn (USA) runs the IHAA grading system.
  • There are subcommittees for membership, competitions, rules and an Appeals Committee.

IHAA Committee: Country Representatives

Each country involved with the IHAA may nominate a representative to be part of a committee which discusses and votes on the IHAA's affairs.

  • Australia (Australian Horse Archery Association) - Katrina Kruse
  • Austria (Austrian Horseback Archers) - Silvia Jordan
  • Canada (Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery) - AJ Contois
  • Denmark (Horseback Archery Denmark) - Futte Enevoldsen
  • Finland (Suomen Ratsastusjousiampujain Liitto ry) - Katariina Cozmei
  • France (Fédération Française D'équitation) - Alan le Gall
  • Germany (Die Steppenreiter e.V.) - Christian Ahner
  • Greece (ΩΡΙΩΝ - ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΙΠΠΟΤΟΞΟΤΕΣ) - Chara-Sabrina Polyzopoulou
  • Hungary (Magyar Lovasíjász Akadémia Sport Egyesület) - Christoph Némethy
  • Indonesia (Persatuan Pemanah Berkuda Indonesia) - Harsum Davip Halim Putra
  • Ireland (Horseback Archery Ireland) - Andrew Ó Donnghaile
  • Italy (Federazione Italiana Turismo Equestre e TREC - ANTE) - Aurelia Del Guerra
  • Japan - Hisayuki Tanaka
  • Kazakhstan (Ассоциация Этноспорта Республики Казахстан) - Yeldos Badashev
  • Luxembourg (D’Arc Angels Luxemburg) - Géraldine Feltz
  • Malaysia (PERSATUAN PEMANAH BERKUDA AS-SIBAQ MALAYSIA) - Erina Emelina Binti Ismail
  • Mongolia (Монголын Морьт Харвааны Холбоо) - Munkhbold Damdinjav
  • New Zealand (New Zealand Horse Archery Association) - Petra Wilson
  • Pakistan (Mariner's Saddle Club) - Ali Fawad Chaudhary
  • Poland (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Łucznictwa Konnego) - Wojtek Osiecki
  • Portugal (Escola Portuguesa de Tiro com Arco a Cavalo (EPTAC)) - Joao Pedro Santos
  • Romania (Asociatia de Tir cu Arcul Calare) - Dan Manolachescu
  • Russia (Федерация конной стрельбы из лука России) - Sergey Odinokov
  • Singapore (Horse Archery Association of Singapore) - Shalihin Ahmaddullah
  • Slovakia (Slovenskí Jazdeckí Lukostrelci) - Filip Dikant
  • South Africa (Mounted Archery Association of South Africa) - Deirdre Janse van Rensburg
  • Spain (Asociacion Española de Arqueria a Caballo) - David Rubio
  • Sweden (Svenska Bågskytteförbundet) - Ann-Sofie Wredendal
  • Switzerland (Berittenes Bogenschiessen Schweiz) - Denise Locher
  • Netherlands (Mounted Mounted Archery Association of the Netherlands) - Arno Hendriks
  • Turkey (Geleneksel Spor Dalları Federasyonu) - Alperen Alkan
  • UK (British Horseback Archery Association) - Claire Sawyer
  • USA (Mounted Archery Association of the Americas) - Greg Ogburn

IHAA Membership Information

The IHAA will only affiliate one organisation per country, this would ordinarily be the National Governing Body for horseback archery in that country.
IHAA member associations must have a national scope, in geographical terms.
Please see the PDF of membership conditions for more information on applying for membership.

The benefits of membership are:

  • Access to IHAA Competitions
  • Use of the IHAA Grading System
  • Access to shared resources for developing horseback archery
  • Involvement in IHAA committee discussions and a vote on decisions.
    Help to shape the growth and development the sport of horseback archery

An annual membership fee is payable, which is linked to the size of each member association. Affiliate Membership is available (at a reduced fee) to those countries for whom horseback archery is still in the introductory and development stage. They get most of the benefits of IHAA membership and support and guidance in developing horseback archery in their country, but no vote on committee matters.

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The IHAA was established in late 2013.

Bringing the Global community of Horseback Archers together via Postal Matches and a standardised Grading System.

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