Event Accreditation

The IHAA competition accreditation system will provide an assurance to competitors that a competition is being run to the IHAA's high standards.
These include following the published IHAA rulebook, using the www.ihaa.eu portal to accurately record and calculate scores, having a qualified judge who has suitable experience for that given competition, and using an accredited hunt track course designer where applicable.

Competition Accreditation

The horseback archery community must have confidence in the validity of results which contribute to the calculation of World Ranking, and those which are used to claim World Records.

Competitions which are awarded "IHAA Records and Ranking" status must be a certain size ensuring that the competition has a prominence and status where competitors will feel the pressure of the occasion, as well as fulfilling all the standard requirements (rulebook, judge, ihaa.eu scoring) to ensure the required level of accuracy.

Applications must be received in advance. Scores gained in competitions which don't have the Record & Ranking status cannot be used towards either World Ranking or World Records.

Smaller competitions or those running non-standard tracks are ineligible for Record & Ranking status but can apply to their IHAA rep or National Competition Liaison Officer to be awarded "IHAA Accredited" status.

The conditions for both levels of accreditation are summarised in the chart below.

Application Process

This algorithm shows the process of application:

Accreditation Benefits

This table summarises the benefits to the competition organiser of accreditation by the IHAA; notably:

  • Raising the status of a competition by linking it with the World Ranking scheme and allowing the best competitors record breaking opportunities.
  • Social media marketing opportunities.
  • The invitation to contribute to a community wide effort to collect safety data and thereby be able to demonstrate the safety of our sport to future partners.

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