World Ranking in Horseback Archery Eventing

The IHAA’s World Ranking in Horseback Archery Eventing is the definitive comparison of athlete’s expertise in the events which comprise HBAE: Raid, Tower and Hunt track. The top placed horsearchers have demonstrated their skills and versatility under the pressure and scrutiny of competition. They can truly call themselves the best, and we applaud both them and the horses who have been partners in their success.

Scores are drawn only from IHAA Record and Ranking competitions, during the last 2 years. Each athlete’s ranking score is derived from their 2 best Raid scores, 2 best Tower scores and 2 best Hunt track scores. You can see the results below and can search according to nationality.

The World Ranking list will be updated monthly, on the 15th of the month.

A more detailed version of the World Ranking list can be viewed here - with all the eligible ranking competitions and results for each rider

How is the World Ranking list calculated?
  • Only competition scores from pre-authorised Record and Ranking events are eligible for inclusion. This assures reliability of results with an IHAA L2 (or higher) judge running the event. You can read more about the Competition Accreditation system here and you can recognise qualifying events by the R&R logo :
    Results from R&R events will become ineligible if the proper rules were not followed.
  • Ranking points are out of a maximum of 600 and are calculated by adding a competitor’s best two eligible scores from Raid, Tower and Hunt track events
  • Raid scores may be from the HBAE Raid tracks - R235 and R233. The % value is calculated relative to the IHAA World Record on that track.
  • Tower scores may be from the Tower tracks - T90 and T110. The % value is calculated relative to the IHAA World Record on that track.
  • Due to the wide variety of Hunt tracks, and the absence of a World Record, a mathematical formula was used to calculate the % points for Hunt track events. The raw HT data shown on is “total score / number of targets / number of runs”.
  • Scores will expire exactly 2 years after they were achieved, therefore the World Ranking is an up to date comparison, and if horsearchers take a break from competition they will drop down the rankings
  • Horsearchers with fewer than 6 qualifying scores will still be listed in the world ranking - but they will appear lower down the ranking than they would be with a complete set of scores.

This World Ranking list is the Beta version and is the product of over a year of development. The system has a review date of December 2024, and we will continue to critically review the results and methodology and assess whether any improvements can be made, particularly in the difficult task of comparing the Hunt tracks; variety is part of the beauty of this discipline, but a challenge in this context..

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